About us

Who we are

Children and Youth Diabetes Club DIABITĖ is a public legal entity with limited civil liability, a non-governmental organization operating as an association. The members of the club are children with type 1 diabetes and their family members. We are more than welcome to new members from all Lithuania. We, members of current board of the club, are parents of children with type 1 diabetes. All of us had hard start with this disease, faced painful experiences and unknown challenges. At that period, we felt that this new situation was too overwhelming to handle by ourselves alone. We looked for help in various Facebook groups and DIABITĖ Club, which was established by parents of sick children. We realized that only by being together and supporting each other we can be stronger than diabetes. Therefore, we have united to proceed with the club activities, to help everyone we can, to make it easier, to help to accept the disease, to support in controlling it and to learn to live differently but no less happily.

What we do

We provide support and assistance to newly diagnosed. Type 1 diabetes is a manageable but incurable disease. The first months after the diagnosis are especially difficult for both the patient and his relatives. The whole family not only learns to accept, control the disease, but also experiences psychological difficulties. Volunteers of Children and Youth Diabetes Club DIABITĖ are ready to give support and assistance to newly diagnosed children and their family members, providing necessary information for managing this disease.

We provide diabetes management training

Treatment type 1 diabetes is a continuous 24/7 work without any leave. At first this work is usually done by relatives of the child, working as one team and later step by step involving the child more and more. Throughout day and night lot of decisions need to be made to keep the blood glucose curve as smooth as possible in order to avoid future health complications. Children and Youth Diabetes Club DIABITĖ organizes trainings aimed at introducing new and advanced control tools and methods, improving disease management skills and sharing experience between club members and their families.

We organize diabetes management and active leisure camps, events, meetings

The goal of the camps is to enable children with type 1 diabetes to manage their disease independently in a safe environment. By actively spending their free time, they learn how each of their bodies responds to different physical loads, develop awareness, monitor individual body reactions, learn to recognize the body's conditions, changes, assess the impact of circumstances and make the right disease control decisions. These are skills that are vital to the patient - they help them plan their daily lives, anticipate the consequences of their decisions and learn to manage their daily changes in blood glucose. Children and Youth Diabetes Club DIABITĖ organizes diabetes management and active leisure camps and trips for families, where children with this chronic disease are involved in active health activities, learn how to manage the disease independently, and family members (during smaller camps) receive a lot of professional and experiential experience. information. It is very important for both sick children and their family members to feel more than just about the disease and the challenges of its control, so we regularly invite you to meetings where children are actively or creatively entertained and their family members have the opportunity to share relevant disease control experiences.